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readable and one well. whenever government shows they're going to keep you safe get ready because you get the other freedoms. but the ordinary would like a little. luck and they alone until they all get the real headlines with none of them are the problem with the mainstream media today is that they're completely disconnected from the viewers and what actually matters to those viewers and so that's why young people just don't watch t.v. anymore if they want news they go online and read it but we're trying to take those stories that people actually care about and transfer them back in t.v. . you know sometimes you see a story and it seems so for like sleep you think you understand it and then you glimpse something else and you hear or see some other part of it and realize that everything you thought you knew you don't know i'm sorry welcome to the big picture
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. monday morning going to. be an hour. from. now ok so it's only monday but there is a lot to talk about because the news doesn't stop over the weekend the president is monday hangover with a. about the latest debate in washington let's call it private equity evil or
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awesome this all stems from newark mayor cory booker's appearance on meet the press yesterday where he called democrats' attacks on romney for bain capital nas the ating although just a few hours later he released a you tube video clarifying his response and whether or not you think bain is evil it turns out employees of the company have given democrats far more money and they've given to republicans and speaking of money is it a waste to spend it on college education at least one of america's wealthiest men says yes and it's paying some kids to drop out and finally are lobbyist the bad guys the ones who should be kept as far away from politicians as possible why then are so many of them making repeated visits to the white house our monday hangover panel is here to hash it all out here to discuss this is matt welch editor in chief of reason magazine and jake brewer chief strategy officer at vision strategy. so let's take a look at cory booker on meet the press this week and
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a lot of people up in arms for what he said. just to say from a very personal level i'm not about to sit here and indict private equity it's to me it's just we're going into a ridiculous point in america if you look at the totality of being capital's record . it leaves a lot to support businesses to grow businesses this kind of stuff is noisy needing to be on pull saw it's it's noisy getting to the american public enough is enough. all right so i can only imagine the phone calls that mayor booker go after a lot of democrats even possibly people in the white house saw this perhaps this is why just four hours later he released another video that other video was almost four minutes long he was sort of clarifying and specifying his statements but we'll talk about this in one second i would i just want to play the obama administration edited part of that video down to about thirty five seconds let me show you what they which part they chose. mitt romney has made his business record
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a centerpiece of his campaign he's talked about himself as a job creator and therefore it is reasonable and in fact i encourage it for the obama campaign to examine that record and to discuss it i have no problem with that in fact i believe that mitt romney in many ways is not being completely honest with his role and his record even while a business person and is shaping it to serve his political interest. so what do you guys think why it was there a change of heart cory booker made the classic mistake of a good person i think genuinely good person he's demonstrated himself to be a man of character and integrity and he's done a lot of good things for the city of newark and the state of new jersey but he told the truth on the air and he said exactly what he thought about something that he's not supposed to say when it comes to presidential political time and i'm sure ben la bolt out of the shadow white house for obama called him immediately after and
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said hey you're a sarah get you've got to walk that back and then of course they released another video putting just the part that served them and i think that's why you see classically in a presidential election cycle and that's just the unfortunate part of of having somebody like where booker who's. known for being a truthful person and now being held throughout the day that i don't work with chris christie you know it's not just purely democratic you know is willing to reach across the aisle i mean what do you think that he. was he were tracting his statement i mean it certainly looks that way and then had a retraction he was certainly called of the carpet i think the thing that is that is really striking here is let's remember why we all fell in love with obama and i'm talking also about here. to be kidding but no i mean he was why america fell under his sways his were you know it's not right and left it's not red and blue america it's all one america he seemed to be calling you know on to the better angels of our nature and all this kind of stuff using very similar rhetoric of like this is not a noise gating like go look at it and said this is not sitting back and forth and
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one guy utters basically what obama was saying in zero seven and zero eight and he has stepped on with like a couple of hours that kind of shows the inevitability of politics and just kind of how the practical obama or the obama in practice is so much different than the obama in promise which i think is going to be in its own way an issue in this campaign and i want i just want to agree that i think what cory booker was calling for was an adult conversation about private equity which we should have you know a nice can be used to cut bread or stab somebody in the gut and it can be used either way depending on who is using it and the administration tried to make it a political point about mitt romney i think it's a good point too when you talk about practice versus promise of obama some of those inspiring words and those inspiring promises that really gave a lot of people especially when you think about how things work in washington it really gave a lot of people hope i want to put up really quickly is something president or when after he won the presidency what he said about lobbyist. i'm in this race
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to take tell the lobbyists in washington that their days of setting the agenda are also. am not funded my campaign. they will not work at my white house if you look at my track record not only do i not federal registered lobbyist money and money in this campaign. and that's why they won't drown out your voices anymore when i am president of the united states i think. all right so this is interesting so if you visit the white house chances are you sign in at the front you put your name on the white house lobby so we see president obama talking about lobbyists and how they won't influence his decisions he won't they want influence as a campaign it turns out a whole lot of them have been paying visits to the white house either to meet with the president himself or to meet with some of his top staffers so it's really interesting because it was the washington reporters have taken a look at these white house logs and really sort of dissected whose names are in
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them big lobbyist including the beef c.e.o. that made pink slime coming into the white house what do you guys think oh you know . it shows again this this huge gap but also the inevitability of what happens when you boost and goose government i mean for one thing you're not going to get rid of law obvious while you're expanding the government from two point nine trillion to three point five trillion in a single year as obama did you were going to by definition increase the amount of logging there have been not the zero lobbyist working the obama white house but fifty according to the examiner is timothy carney but it's an inevitability obama has created with the doj frank bill and obamacare both big kicked a lot of the actual rules in these legislative packages to the regulatory agencies which means they don't know really know what these love bills are going to be and so lobbyists are the ones who work that stuff out constantly on a daily basis so it's totally inevitable for every progressive out there who likes
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big government hates lobbyists sorry it's impossible to write that i would just add that it's it's actually demonstration of the. how ridiculous our lobbying laws are anybody who goes in the white house who's there for a business meeting of some kind is trying to influence some kind of outcome usually of some staffer in the white house and very few of those are registered lobbyist very very few and what you're seeing actually since a lot of these lobbying was a come down and since the white house logs have been released which is great victory of open data is actually just fewer people registering to be a lobbyist so you know not only do you see actual lobbyist which he said will stay out but you also just see a whole bunch of people going in having influence who are registered anyway we have no way to track but it's just ridiculous let's go back a little bit just because there cory booker did have a kind of talk about private equity private equity on the mind i'm sure mitt romney of reporters has gotten quite a bit of funding from his former company capital about one hundred sixty six thousand dollars but it turns out that bain executives have actually given more to
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democrats than republicans if you do the numbers which the hill kind of looked into contributions in the two thousand and eight two thousand and ten and twenty twelve elections they found that compared to republican candidates democrats receive one point two million and republicans receive just a little more than four hundred and eighty thousand we do have a graph to show you to just kind of shows some of the top recipients of major donations obama is on the top and then you have you know john mccain mitt romney and. you can't really say that george w. bush. yeah so there it's really interesting i mean what do you think people are surprised to learn these numbers like there are really shouldn't be i mean this is this was true in two thousand maybe as well obama did much better on wall street the john mccain did bill clinton generally did more fundraising from wall street than than elsewhere it's not as if the democratic party just woke up one day and say oh back i was from goldman sachs i'd never heard of that firm but it doesn't
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work that way and for us to finance a prize just because obama is able to channel one percent of the kind of occupy wall street. a message on occasion on a college campus that doesn't mean that the democrats aren't doing business with big ticket wall street firms yeah it's a fallacy of even remotely believe the business favors one party to much more than another they favor power and they favor influence and i'm sure that if we should mention just because president obama is the top in terms of like how much money you know you have to look at the congressmen in the senators as well because they it takes a lot less money to be elected into those offices than it does to be elected president and a lot of those seem to be beholden to a lot of people that they raise money from just real quick i don't know if you caught sixty minutes last night peter teal was on last night his whole thing he's given a lot of money actually to the ron paul campaign he thinks that students should drop out of college if they have good ideas let me show you a little bit what he said. your megaphone is don't go to call is that
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what you really mean i'm saying that people should think hard about why they're going to college for a life plan is to be a professor or to be a doctor or some other career where you need a specific credential you shouldn't probably have to go to college if your plans do something very different you should think you should think really hard about it i did not realize how wrong hope a screwed up the education system is we now have one trillion dollars in student in the u.s. that trillion dollars more describe it cynically you can say it's paid for a trillion dollars of why it's about how good education is. so i think there's both sides of the argument that can be made certainly there are mark zuckerberg but as he says they're not five mark zuckerberg or as actually the other guy in the sky but they're not five so what do you guys think i mean is the understanding do you think in the future college will not be the american dream i think he said it best of the being young people should think long and hard about whether they need a college degree or not what we've done is idealized the idea of college so much
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that it's assumed you must go and do this and we grow. wait on average. american students with twenty five thousand dollars in debt for you know a comparative literature degree in some cases that doesn't actually get them very much now appear to be listening is look if you've got some bizarre committee got a great idea and you're eighteen years old let's just get you on that path and start you building a new company instead of having to go through four years of something that may not be worth it i can just say as a college dropout that i wish i got one hundred grand for peter to have the time for my effort now i mean he's it's interesting the backlash against him because all he's doing is giving his own money that he earned to twenty people who are particularly great ideas and people are freaking out over this concept of yours somehow sliming education the process he's forcing a rethink i see nothing wrong with yeah it's interesting i mean on one hand a lot of times college graduates will make more money and they'll make up for it by far in the long run but you know they're not having this debt that saddles them down unfortunately guys we're out of time good conversation on that well to editor in chief of reason magazine as well as jake brewer chief strategy officer at
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strategy thanks guys i think it's. time we got to take one last break tonight on the other side and find out which new york post columnist won his second time award in two weeks and we'll have a does about the hour for you comedian brian greene and argued very own warren lister will be joining. a lot of american power to continue. things are. might be time. for you were drinking. in radio. you know sometimes you see a story and it seems so you think you understand it and then something else some
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other part of it and realize that everything. is a big. story or. book and they alone are so you know get the real headline with none of them are the problem with the mainstream media today is that they're completely disconnected from the viewers and what actually matters to those viewers and so that's why young people just don't watch t.v. anymore if they want news they go online and read it but we're trying to take those stories that people actually care about and transfer them back to t.v. .
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to the capital account i'm lauren lyster. well it's time for tonight's told time award and we're giving it to repeat offender from the new york post michael goodwin he was featured just last week on this segment for trying to tell fox news that democrats are shredding the n.y.p.d. reputation and this week he's back on fox news with a whole new set of accusations this time though targeting a new york governor andrew cuomo so the state of new york has been in a heated debate recently about food stamps especially after new york city mayor mayor michael bloomberg tried to keep a one time fingerprint requirement on the books but governor cuomo disagreed with
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the policy and he's calling for an end to the current fingerprinting system. we have people in one of the worst economic times going hungry because of a fear of many reasons but for most of all thanks to this rule it is not necessary to use fingerprinting brinker imaging to program fraud it's not necessary to the local officials who disagree with me on this one we're going to have to agree to disagree but this is the action of the state of new york and i am proud to take it. while many are praising the governor's stance as a way to ensure those who are hungry can now seek the help they need without the stigma but that's exactly what new york post michael goodwin is angry about he came back to fox and friends for an interview segment called are in title means the new american dream and good one explains a fox host gretchen carlson that fingerprinting actually save that money and get
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this michael says that the stigma around applying for food stamps is actually a good thing because it keeps the number of applicants in check. people didn't want to accept a handout because they were ashamed to do it there was a kind of social contract that said you don't do it you're independent you're reliant that was part of the american founding virtue as charles murray calls him and yet now we look at it and we see that it's explosion of entitlements and this this sense of shame is gone. according to local news reports one in six children are going hungry because their families don't want to feel the stigma of applying for food stamps yet michael goodwin says that feeling of shame is what's going to keep americans from becoming lazy and living off entitle mintz either that or they just go hungry but he seems to ignore that now aside from claiming that shame is necessary he also argues mayor bloomberg point that finger printing actually reduces fraud within the system so the statistics from two thousand and ten claim that five point three million dollars were saved because fingerprinting prevented
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nearly two thousand people from duplicating their food stamps and you might think that's a lot and let's put it into perspective fingerprinting might have saved five million but it's also the reason that new yorkers are being deprived of fifty four million dollars in federal benefits and if they need to survive to eat now michael also tries to explain the shame factor isn't the only difference but the number of people who have applied for food stamps has gone up as well it's now forty seven million people in the country are on food stamps and a decade ago there were nineteen million so under president bush for now under president obama the roles have exploded. good when i was a case of amnesia because he knows that the now amount of people seeking assistance has increased dramatically since two thousand and seven as if there's no reason other than that people are getting lazier he forgets to mention one tiny little thing that has happened since then the worst recession since the great depression
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but who cares about that we have poor people to shame he feels no need to mention the information contained in this graph from the national bureau of labor statistics which shows just how much long term unemployment is hurting americans and his attempts at trying to make finger pointing sound like a no brainer he also failed to mention that there's only one state left in the country that still requires fingerprinting for food stamps guess what it is arizona that's right the rest of the states all have dropped the requirement because it's archaic and dehumanizing but good when still want to give the old college try echoing the same tired conservative talking points against welfare programs poor people are lazy blah blah blah so for making a weak argument to fox news and attempting to belittle government governor cuomo as a praiseworthy decision michael goodwin is tonight's top time winner.
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joining me for happy hour tonight is lauren lyster host of the capital account here on r t and comedian ryan perrie's they are i guys i don't know if either of you have ever been to birmingham alabama there's a really fun club there called the black magic club it's a gentlemen's club and it turns out eighteen strippers and their manager were arrested it turns out they didn't have the proper license to show their goods take a look. the worst remains shot at the black magic club after birmingham narcotics raided the place early thursday morning you know people there illegally. it was with their swimsuit. i don't know that looks like a beautiful establishment doesn't it does look beautiful i wonder what you have to do to get that permit to be an exotic dancer what kind of training and testing do you have to go through it's hard for you have to fail a decency test if the book is a basic it's
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a one question thing you just asked them you go are you ok with having a book next to naked dancing women and if it's just your permit well i mean you know it's really interesting when you when you look at you know what it takes to get licenses for occupations in this country because the institute for justice actually did a study about this and they found that states consider an average of thirty three days training and two exams fine for people who want to be emergency medical technicians but if you want to be a cosmetologist you need ten times that amount well to be fair i think my cosmetologist is probably someone whom my life depends on more than any entity capable of i know and i know if you are only in later hit by a car. you know it's you know i'm totally kidding but there are regulations on just kind of red tape surrounding just kind of normal jobs that people don't want to go through and it looks certain it is very very rare to entry exactly which
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is why the government shouldn't but in the case of those strippers what i think is really funny is that they did some investigative research. but before that they did the. best undercover cop job yeah why did they need to do that in order to check out whether or not they were registered at that club i mean this is just see all over it's very interesting all right let's move on to the u.k. where i don't have you guys know this but when police go on investigations they often have to you know save the evidence save body parts but you know they save it for the amount of time that they need to and then they're supposed to dispose of them well it turns out police in the u.k. have been storing as many as five hundred body parts unnecessarily since the one nine hundred sixty s. take a look. thirty years of violence in the arms inflicted while you spread hurt and. but for the families of some of those who. for their troll book here in the body parts of their loved ones were secretly kept by the
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police it's up with. brian i know you've got some to say about that well why why does anybody guess why does this matter. why was it necessary what i was doing it was you that clip it's obviously so why are they keeping the what are they doing with the body parts the point is that you shouldn't have somebody else's already and they were told. for decades i mean if we thought t.s.a. was bad in a post nine eleven world this is a way of mourning just like the little the kibble tissue samples on d.n.a. something article was a little unclear the headline said oregon's the body of the story talked about tissue keeping it is an example of a little gem sample they're doing for the police i think they'll make some subtle know it was like an arm if it was a hole or well yeah i mean if it was an organ from your family member who was killed in some kind of political strife that's messed up i think they're just not telling the family members so that's what's causing some anger and dismay but let's
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move on. over the weekend there was a pretty big and i think a lot of people would say surprising announcement by the end of a. civil marriage like all civil rights regarded by the government must be provided equally to all the n.w. c.p.a. has been making a case where we call you for one hundred three years. now i found this to be surprising partially because i had fox news on a little bit last week and it seemed like every black preacher from around the country was on there saying they disagreed their congregation disagreed with president obama's decision so i was surprised but what do you guys think well i think this is great i think it's whether you want to go off kind of the official civil rights stance or what you hear from your cab drivers that are telling you that in their churches their pastors preachers are all in arms about this which is the experience i had over the weekend so i mean i don't know i think it's great i
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think it's a wonderful development i don't know how over a percentage of it is i don't know a little you think i mean we will only know i mean it's been a week but it's been years since this debate is going on and just now saying it because obama said it but you know i want to give them a good debate in the african-american community i mean one of the reasons we've talked about in california that people voted against gay marriage was because in that year there was a record african-american turnout to vote for obama and and a lot of those same votes have for religious reasons voted in marriage it's not i mean it's really a religious group it's a civil rights group they have a don't you are going to have all that their views like the president's have evolved i mean that's a huge issue when you grow up being taught that being gay is bad don't you think that it takes time to sort of change i will especially when it's a religious issue for a lot of people within a largely on of it's largely christian but a community that has a large christian fairly large christian i would just think as a group though they see the same kind of things it's the same type of thing that they stole and fought again you know that they totally disagree with whatever i
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don't speaking for anybody but there is an argument do we have time to show the spaceship or no. ok really quick we got to show that the first commercial spacecraft is scheduled to dock at the international space station here's what happened for t. minus ten nine eight seven six five four three two one zero. let's go all we've got a couple. of thoughts did not occur. i like i like live. that i was there to hopefully that's not what the privatization base looks like it is the first left of the schedules to be looked after tomorrow really sad though i think there is no tomorrow that we're out of time there was something wrong in the engine too much pressure thanks for coming on bribery see a lot of us are as always yes that's going to do it for tonight show thanks so much for tuning in make sure to come back tomorrow alone oh we'll be back in also
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reasons lucy's tyrol's what it will be on how the our in the meantime don't forget to become a fan of the alona show and on facebook and follow us on twitter and if you missed any of tonight's show or any other nights you can catch it all on youtube dot com slash the alone or show host of the interviews as well as the entire show on the site the news coming up next. you know how sometimes you see a story and it seems so. you think you understand it and then you glimpse something else you hear or see some other part of it and realize everything you thought you knew you don't know i'm tom harpur welcome to the big picture.
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